About Us

It Begins with a Quest

Mountain Quest dares to unlock new experiences for everyone by featuring the exceptional views of Sierra Madre and Bunsuran Falls.


Mountain Quest aims to provide the best off-the-road adventure for both novice and experienced riders while providing excellent service. And to let people enjoy the moment.

Our Story

Off-roading must have been just a hobby of Wayne Relativo with his dad, Rey Relativo, as they went along the muddy trails, hilly terrain of Antipolo and San Mateo in Rizal.

In December 2019, an idea kicked in -- which was to bring and share that experience for everyone by finding the possible routes that even beginners can tour around. ATV rentals were the only ones that were being initially offered, but it has expanded to include camping, UTV rentals, and 4x4 tours too in 2020.

With a goal in mind to take questers (what Mountain Quest’s guests are called) to a different kind of experience, offering the best ATV with the view of the most beautiful sceneries like Sierra Madre and Bunsuran Falls will surely be too irresistible not to visit and feel what it is like being in those places. Not to mention the warmth of people in Rizal.

Till later, the company has also been acknowledged by well-established persons offering the best ATV tour operations in Rizal.

Mountain Quest’s utmost priority is to deliver memorable off-the-road experiences while ensuring accessibility and safety to its customers.