Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your tours?

We have several different options for tour length. First, is our short teaser tour that is 3 hours long, this is ideal for people short on time. Next, we have our well rounded and very popular half day adventure that is 4 hours in length. For those who can’t get enough, we have our full-day tour that is typically 5 – 5 1/2 hours.

What type of adventures do you do?

ATV, Dirt-bike, and 4x4 

How long are your tours?

It varies depending on the course you book. First, is our short course that is estimated to be 1-2 hours long, this is ideal for people short on time and just want to experience riding the ATV.

What times of day can I start an adventure?

We usually start our ATV tours at around 9:00AM departing from our office in Sanipit Road. Our last tour departs at 3:00PM and lasts until 5:00PM. Unfortunately, we do not do night tours. You and your group may come in anytime. Walk-in guests are welcome. We will do our best to find the best time to suit your available schedule.

Where do I meet for the tour?

Like any other tours, you have the option to pick you up in designated location in Antipolo (for a small fee) or you may go directly to our physical address located at Sanipit Road, Rizal. Or you can locate us through waze:

Is there a dress code?

We encourage our customers to wear comfortable sports wear. We recommend wearing shoes to prevent possible injuries. Moreover, any long sleeves may help prevent possible sunburn.

Are there restrooms during the tour?

None. The restroom is located in our office at the beginning of the tour. You would be reminded to use the restroom before the tour begins. During the tour, if there an absolute necessity to use a restroom, our guides would advise you what to do.

What if the weather is bad or it’s raining?

Your safety is our utmost concern. If the weather is bad, the tour can be cancelled if our guide decides that the tour would be risky and not safe to continue. Simple rain and drizzle, would not cancel the tour. Our tour guide carry with them rain gears. You must experience the fun of riding in the rain.

Do I need to tip the guide?

Our guides exert their best effort to keep you safe and make you have an exceptionally fun and happy experience. We do not require gratuity, but our guides would appreciate the thoughtfulness of a guest expressing their gratitude for the job they had done.

Where do I meet for the tour?

From Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas Avenue, we are 31.9 km. away.
From Sta. Lucia East Mall, we are just 24.2 km away.
From Metro Manila, we are just 39.5 km away.

Will I sign a waiver?

Yes, we need to sign a waiver before the beginning of the tour. You may view the contents of our waiver here.

Do you provide foods during the tour?

You may bring yours as long as long as you will not leave any trash on the site. We should keep our environment clean so others would be able to enjoy it as well.

Do I need to be experienced in driving a vehicle?

For ATV, our guides would give you a walkthrough on how to operate and drive the vehicle. We do not require a specific skill level.